LOL!!! Leftards Beclowning Themselves Again!!! Limbaugh And Hannity ……..

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Heh!  If you are a leftard, you might think these guys are going off the air pretty soon. 

You might have seen headlines like this….

Of course, that’s so leftarded wishful thinking that

Colmes, of course, is being a killjoy and has ruined a potential for great fun.

You see, leftards were popping champagne corks and high fiving each other, claiming credit for running these guys off the air. Of course, and as usual, this has no relation to reality.  Colmes explains…..

Headlines have been blaring all over the digital universe about Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity being tossed off the air by Cumulus and losing 40 stations in key markets.

However, in the words of the legendary Paul Harvey, readers are not being told the rest of the story. Cumulus and Clear Channel have been buying up stations in major markets. Limbaugh and Hannity are syndicated by…

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