Zero Thinks You Should Give Him More Money To Do The Things He Should Have Fixed The First Time Around

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Have you heard the latest?  Zero wants a grand bargain with Repubs in congress.  He wants to lower the effective corporate tax rates and eliminate loopholes.

That, of course, isn’t Zero’s idea.  While the thought has been around for a long time, it was widely advocated by Mitt Romney. 

But, now, in exchange for doing what’s good for the nation anyway, he wants Repubs to sign off on another round of spending.

he wants the corporate tax rate cut to be coupled with a significant investment on some sort of job creation program, such as manufacturing, infrastructure or community colleges

I want to use some of the money that we save by closing these loopholes to create more good construction jobs,” the president said.

This is strange, because I’m positive we gave him nearly a trillion dollars to do exactly that, already.  But, then, the American…

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