DMI Update!

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There’s just too much information on climate to stay current on all of the nuances.  I’d missed this and wonder how many others have. 

Many of us are familiar with this plot of the arctic ice extent …..


I don’t typically bother to go to the DMI site, because Anthony’s ice page is a bit more comprehensive ….. sort of.  Anthony’s has references to many other groups tracking events in the Arctic. 

But back to the above graph.  Guess what?  DMI no longer regards that as accurate.  Here’s what they show now.


Here’s what they said about why …..

Sea ice extent in recent years for the northern hemisphere.
                       The grey shaded area corresponds to the climate mean
                       plus/minus 1 standard deviation.

The plot above replaces an earlier sea ice extent plot, that was based on data with the coastal zones masked out. This coastal mask…

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