Rebuked By The Pope, The Met Office Offers Penance

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A new set of studies from the British government’s Meteorological Office has addressed the claims by climate change skeptics that global warming has “stopped” or “paused” or is “slowing down.”

The Met Office’s response is a trio of reports that, in style and length, resembles a set of ‘Climate Cliff Notes,’ and which, taken in order, provide a step-by-step assessment of the skeptical claims.

There is actually a multitude of measurements: of atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; of atmospheric water vapor; of air temperature near the ground, in the lower atmosphere, and in the stratosphere; of changes in glacier mass balance and polar sea ice; of sea level rise and, importantly, changes in the heat content of the ocean. The accumulation of evidence from all these observations points unhesitatingly to a warming planet.

Still No Support for Global Warming ‘Slowdown’ : Discovery News

Looks like…

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