Hmm, I Didn’t Expect That! More On Arctic Ice

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This is getting more and more interesting.  Yesterday, we showed how the recent uptick (relative) in the sea ice wasn’t regarded as artifact.  It appears that the trend is continuing, at least for now.  Towards the end of last month, this year’s arctic ice started a rather precipitous decline and appeared poised to run on par or even less than last years.  This month, the relative rate of decline seemed to be slowing.  And, now it seems to actually be moving closer to the 81-10 average.  Yes, this is a very short time frame, but to give you an idea of how much of a reversal this has been, we’ll look at a close up and then an anomaly graph.  I drew some red lines for reference.


See it move away from the 2 deviation mark?  Here’s the anomaly graph.  Look at how low this year’s ice was and where…

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