LOL!!!! All Of 500 People Plan To Boycott Disneyland!!!

suyts space

Stop!!!  You guys are making my sides hurt!!!


Is their a mental disconnect here?  Was there a national “don’t take your meds” day that I missed?

D.C. March for Trayvon: Boycott Disneyland…

The approximately 500 “Justice For Trayvon” protesters in Washington, D.C., on Saturday heard calls from progressive speakers for specific boycott actions they want to use force Florida and other states to eliminate “Stand Your Ground” laws.

And orange juice, too!  And, and, Bank of America ….. and …. and ….. State Farm insurance!!!

Really!  I’m not kidding.  Even though Florida’s “stand your ground” law was not invoked in the Zimmerman trial ….. we should quit drinking orange juice for Trayvon!  So there!

Is this a plot to relegate these people to irrelevancy?  No one could have written a better script!

Update!!  And the Koch brothers, too!!!  LMAO!!!

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