Letards Beclowning Themselves Again!

suyts space


imageArianna Huffington @ariannahuff

Obama: Trayvon “could have been me.” True, and so could many still behind bars for drug possession

Oh, oh!!!  Arianna Tweets a Tweet which requires someone think for themselves! 

Could this be

a) An indictment of Zero and his past criminal chronic drug use? Or

b) A statement that the criminalizing of drug use is too harsh?

I’m just not sure!  This is a rare opportunity to watch leftards in the wild!  Quietly now, we don’t want to scatter the herd, let’s see the reaction………

GiGi @GinaMontana_

@ariannahuff wait WHAT?


@ariannahuff Your statement criminalizes Obama: his point,legions of Black people identify with the #Trayvon plight. Restate!—
Coy Murchison (@CoyMurchison) July 19, 2013


GiGi @GinaMontana_

@CoyMurchison@ariannahuff I can’t believe she said that.



@ariannahuff f[edited]ck you lady


What?  How can this…

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