Speaking Of The IRS …… Dems Wishing To Shoot The Messenger, Again!!!

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This is hilarious. 

Late last week, House Democrats charged that some of Mr. George’s work has been “highly misleading,” and they demanded that the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which has been taking the lead in investigating the IRS, call back the inspector general not just as an investigator, but as the target of lawmakers’ inquiry … “This is a Republican-appointed inspector general…..

Okay, you loser, conspiracy theory Dems.  But, the IRS has already apologized for their actions.  Idiots.  Yeh, IG George secretly laid in wait, against the Dems.  In fact, he laid in wait against the Dems so well, that while he idled away in the batcave, we had an election and he said nothing about this, even though he already knew.  Yes, you fell right into the evil trap laid by the rogue Repub agent. 

Quoting from Townhall…..

To review: Zero Tea Party conservative groups were approved…

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