In Other Racist News ……. Immigration Reform

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While nutjobs and leftards whine about the outcome of a fair trial and pretend to care about the plight of Black Americans, we have people actually willing to do something about it. 

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, who founded the South Central Los Angeles Tea Party, emphasized on Monday that working class black Americans and those at the bottom of the economic ladder oppose the Senate’s immigration bill, contrary to what politicians and those who represent them in Congress may claim.

“Politicians want amnesty,” Peterson said on Breitbart News’ exclusive broadcast of the D.C. March for Jobs rally. “People don’t.”

Peterson addressed the rally and then appeared on Breitbart News’ broadcast with host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. 

He said black leaders are afraid to call out the Obama administration and, as a result, have been silent about a bill that would hurt their communities. 

Peterson said many…

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