Ice Ice Baby!

suyts space

So what in the world is going on with our sea ice, lately?

Well, that depends on what data and/or graphic one wishes to look at and how one wishes to view it.  There seems to be some discrepancy, but, it could be simply how it is being presented.  Let’s look at some things.


Whooaaa!!!  It looks like we could be headed for another record or near record low in the arctic!


OTOH, this looks like we could be in for about average for the last few years……


But, this makes it seem like we could be in for an increase over the last few years.

Honestly, I’ve no preference, nor discernment, over which one is lending to a more accurate description.  Nor do I believe any are a precursor to how things are going to end up.  Come the end of August we’ll have a better picture.  But, we…

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