Correcting Climate Conflagrations Crazies!

suyts space

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them to look at the data, the nutters will not.  They’ll make up numbers or compare unlike data sets, but, they’ll never compare apples to apples.  They won’t because reality doesn’t allow for their delusions. 

Here’s an article from earlier this month…..


LOS ANGELES — There’s a dangerous but basic equation behind the killer Yarnell Hill wildfire and other blazes raging across the West this summer: More heat, more drought, more fuel and more people in the way are adding up to increasingly ferocious fires.

Scientists say a hotter planet will only increase the risk.

Let’s start there.  Does more heat equal more drought?  That’s a laughable absurdity.  More heat, more evaporation, more evaporation, more rain.  Yes, there are many considerations which add and detract from that simple statement, but, let’s look at what…

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