Japan Continues To Devolve Into Insanity …..

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LOL, Japan is now going to institute their own QE 4-ever!

Whereas the central bank targets a 2-percent year-on-year rise in the core consumer price index, a measure that excludes volatile prices of fresh food, the government plans to use “core-core” CPI, which also excludes energy costs.

The change will effectively raise the bar for Abe’s inflation goal, as it means that higher energy prices will be taken out of the equation.

The official, who was involved in the decision to switch to “core-core”, said the change was meant to help ensure that the world’s No. 3 economy truly breaks the grip of deflation.

, that won’t reverse, ,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

I’m convinced that there are no people in any government who thinks.  None.  It’s a crazy world out there. 

In a stagnant economy, which Japan has been for some time now, deflation is…

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