Zero Pledges $16 Billion In Electricity Investment __ In Africa!!!!

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But, about half of that is just throwing money away …….

The White House says Obama’s electricity initiative, dubbed “Power Africa,” symbolizes the type of cross-continent ventures the president seeks. , the power program will focus on expanding access to electricity in six African countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

“It’s the connection that’s needed to plug Africa into the grid of the global economy,” Obama said of the initiative. Private companies — including General Electric and Symbion Power — aimed at expanding the reach of power grids and developing geothermal, hydro, .

Wind and solar are as about as useful as a fur-lined syrup pitcher.  Hydro is great, but, you have to be very careful where they are placed, and the political environment has to be stable or the results can be very disastrous.  Geothermal is fine when it is cost-effective but is confined by the…

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