Saturday silliness – The only thing more ridiculous than ‘Eli Rabett’: the required USDA rabbit disaster plan

Ha ha ha ha!!@!

Watts Up With That?

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Here at WUWT, we all tend to laugh at Dr. Joshua Halpern who fancies himself as a rabbit and writes in tongues third person as ‘Eli Rabett‘ about the evils of global warming to show everyone how smart he is, while twitching his nose at everyone else. He’s one of the more colorful characters of the warmist side of the debate who pretty much personifies that clique, though has strong competition from SUNY’s Scott “super” Mandia when it comes to being the most ridiculous of college scientists. Seeing how these folks tend to self-parody, I see that as license to poke a little fun at them. After all, he endorses this as a valid tactic with the “Eli Rabett approach on climate communication with deniers,”.

This episode of government stupidity about needing a rabbit license for a magic show, followed by a “disaster…

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