Obama Energy Proposal And Pop Quiz!!!!

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Super-spy Zero recently decided to change his laser like focus on not running anything in his administration to running our nation’s energy needs out of the country, mostly by demonizing coal.  We’ll take a quick look at some things.

But, first,…….  POP QUIZ!!!!

From this graph, can you tell when the recession hit?


This graphic flies in the face of any supposed real economic growth.  For those who may be confused about Commercial vs Industrial, to over simplify, think retail stores for commercial and think factories for industrial.

Notice our electricity use in both the commercial and industrial have yet to surpass our usage prior to 2009.  This means that unless they’ve suddenly become super efficient that we’re neither producing nor selling like we were before 2009.  And, we’re certainly not growing.

In the last several years, the US has found an abundance of natural gas.  And, the electricity market…

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