WaPo Beclowns Themselves Again Gives Cruz Pinocchios, Shown Wrong, But Claim They’re Really Right

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Fascinating.  Fact checkers can’t fact check, and when they are fact checked, they can’t admit reality.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz found a loophole in the amnesty bill being debated in the Senate.  Now, bear in mind, this really hasn’t been widely examined.  He Tweets…….

Naturally, screams, howls of protest, and gnashing of the teeth ensue.  Supposed fact checkers at WaPo are called to declare Cruz a liar.  And, they did.


Like the infomercial though …..

Indeed it was…….

In the complex debate over the immigration bill, an odd dynamic is developing. The interaction of immigration law and health law means that a conservative senator who would ordinarily oppose letting a newly minted provisionally legal immigrant receive health-care benefits now cites that very fact as a flaw in the immigration bill.

Cruz’s tweet was retweeted more than a thousand times. But what’s going on here?

In the broader picture, I’ll tell…

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