Leftist Hate In A Feeding Frenzy!!!! Calling Out Nutters!!!

suyts space


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I love this stuff!!!!

Yesterday, I showed readers a hilarious error at Yahoo……

AHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!! Yahoo Has Birthers!!!!


Now, clearly, Yahoo isn’t staffed by birthers.  All one has to do is to read a few of their articles to realize they simply echo LameStreamMedia.  

In this case, I think the confusion comes from the left’s insistence that people be categorized by their ancestral ties.  It’s part of their idiotic ethnic identification/classification system they’ve set up.  Yes, it’s stupid, but that’s the way they roll. 

While they despise birthers, they still identify Zero as being from Kenya, or at least Africa.  You see, if they don’t bitterly cling to this notion, then we’d all be plain old Americans.  And that can lead to some horrible ideas like a common people with a common cause, and we can’t have that.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this supposed anti-racist bitterly clinging to the…

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