Malthusians Beclown Themselves Again!!! World To Starve In Next Few Decades!!!

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Will Malthusians ever address reality?  No, probably not. 

So, there’s supposedly a new study out, warning, once again, that our food production won’t keep up with population increases. 

Most people agree the world’s population will be at about 9 billion by 2050.  Many disagree on what will happen after that.  But, consider these two graphs I’ve lifted from a nutter article…….  It happens to be nutter in more than just one area, but, we’ll leave that be for the moment. 


Here we see population growth and then 3 different projections.  The worry, of course, is that many in the undeveloped nations are still massively growing their populations.  But, it is noted that in developed nations, they are not. 


Now, if you’re a nutter and believe all developing nation will remain undeveloped for decades, then this graph makes perfect sense.  However, we see this isn’t the case and many…

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