Words Mean Things — Govt In Denial Their Actions Are Unconstitutional

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And, this is the problem.  The surveillance programs are not in compliance with the US Constitution.  Understand what they’re doing…… they’re collecting data on each and every phone conversation in the US.  When, how long, to whom, and where you were when you made the call.  .  Scroll up and read the 4th amendment again, if you don’t have it memorized, and then have someone try to rationalize how these programs can possibly be in compliance with the US Constitution.  I haven’t even discussed the warrants, yet.  Where are the warrants?  What is the probable cause?  Does a cell phone count as one of my effects?  Does my emails?  Of course they do.  Any reasonable and rational person on earth would understand that my cell phone and emails are my effects. 

Again, this isn’t a matter of effectiveness or not.  It’s a matter of complying with the law of the…

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