Shock News!!! Electric Car Sales Going Nowhere!!

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So how many plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles has the Los Angeles dealership actually sold?

“Very, very few,” said Beau Boeckmann, whose family owns Galpin Ford, the automaker’s largest U.S. dealership. Only 2 percent of the vehicles Galpin sold last month were plug-ins…..

“Between now and 2020, I don’t see (EVs) getting too far beyond a couple of percentage points” of market share, said Matthew Stover, an industry analyst with Guggenheim Capital Markets.

The 2% is actually very good, for the market.  It is still the same story.  They’re overpriced, and no one wants them., which tracks sales, says demand for plug-in vehicles is beginning to pick up. But total plug-in volume remains relatively modest – only 32,705 sales through May,

And this is after years of heavily discounted pricing and incentives, both from the auto companies and governments.

As it turns out, the best selling EV in the…

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