Immigration And The NSA …… Why Immigration Is Suddenly Being Pushed


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Astute observers would notice a near dead issue has sprung to life and seems sure to pass the Senate.

Immigration is due to pass very soon, unless a bunch of people call their congressmen and demand they vote against.  Why?

Check these recent headlines…..

And, here’s the scariest one!……

These are sudden, and nearly opposite of what they were quoted as just a week ago.  Why?

Here’s why.  They’re afraid the American people will piece together the implications and reasons why we feel it necessary to spy on our own citizens. 

The current immigration bill only touches on the issue of border security.  And, the provisions are woefully inadequate.  But, if the American people give this some thought, they’d realize how inseparable our immigration policies and our national security is intertwined.  And, it doesn’t stop there.  Both issues have very important implications to employment and our economy. 

The single most…

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