Fox News Question Rhetorical?

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Can US Arm the ‘Right’ Syrians?


Is there some unwritten rule saying the US has to commit the same tragic mistakes over and over again?

It’s not our business!!  Guaranteed, if we arm any of them, those people and weapons will be turned against us. 

Young people won’t remember this, but, at one time Iran and the US were allies.  We supported them.  It’s worked out so well for us. 

We armed the Afghans to fight the Soviets.  We sure won their hearts and minds. 

We’re still giving aid to Pakistan, they only housed and protected Bin Laden for years.  And, they’ve imprisoned and have tortured the fellow who told us where he was hiding.  It sure feels good to help those people out!

Remember how we helped Muslims in Bosnia?  We killed a bunch of Christians to defend their sorry asses.  And they repaid us with fighting in Iraq…

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