Keenan Confirmed!!! Met Position Laid To Utter Waste!!

Thank you Mr Hank! 🙂
Ya gotta love Suyts Space.

suyts space

Editor Note:  This post is written by Hank.  Anyone familiar with Hank’s style and demeanor knows he’s not given to bombastic statements.  However, if one reads this post, one can plainly and easily see how entirely inept our climate science community is.  The point isn’t so much that Keenan is correct, although in this point he most assuredly is.  The point is that the Met, and the other groups of climate science nutters have been entirely wrong …… for years!!  The stubborn inability of the cli-sci community to accept proper criticism, over decades, has rendered them useless for science advancement and have relegated them to nothing more than political advocacy.  This particular episode is a damning example of just that.  —– James “Suyts” Sexton

Guest post by Hank

The Battle of the Models – Keenan vs. Met

The latest contestants to enter the climate debate stage are mathematician Douglas J…

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  1. HankH says:

    Thank you Kim!!! Yes, I did DX (or used to till my Drake was stolen)

    All my best.


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