Inhuman Jackassery From Climate Nutters Via HuffPo

suyts space


Every time I see a story like this I blow a gasket.  I’m always left thinking

Heat waves offer no dramatic images of flying debris or surging seawater. Yet each year torrid temperatures take more lives in the U.S. than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and lightning combined.

, as low-income communities of color often start with poorer underlying health than other communities, and have fewer tools and resources to combat a heat that can be further intensified by their immediate environment.

Of course, she conflates weather events with climate.  They all do.  But, to intimate that heat waves discriminate is beyond laughable, but, with malicious intent laden with innuendo.  But, this next bit is the one which is inexcusable and a denial of responsibility.

During a two-week heat wave that roasted four states last summer, the CDC report noted the loss of 32 lives to heat-related illnesses. Twenty of…

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