Heh, I’m Only A Couple Of Weeks Ahead Of Reuters — China Growth


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Yeh, I’m not above taking a bow every now and again. 

Back towards the end of May, I wrote a post explaining, in part, why China’s GDP goals were too optimistic

I wrote…..

The thing people must remember is that GDP or GNP growth has as much to do with how far one has come as it does to how far one is going to go.  China still has huge growth potential, but not nearly as much as they did twenty years ago. ….

I think the days of double digit growth in China are done.  I think they’ve grown so large that one can’t expect 10% growth from where they are today.  So much of what we’re seeing here is a natural response to the growth they’ve already had. 


So, what do we see today?

“The new leaders’ tolerance of economic slowdown is definitely higher than…

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