Climate Update!!! Earth’s Atmosphere Holding More Water…… Or Something…..


suyts space

One of the things the nutters like to babble about are the so-called feedbacks.  Proclaiming that as the globe warms, there’ll be more moisture in the air.  Water, as we all know is the main GHG.  So, the story goes that the more moisture in the air the even hotter we’ll get! 

So, it is true that we’re having more moisture in the air?  Well, let’s look at some things.  Here’s precipitation…….


Well, it seems to be raining less, but as one looks, it also seems to be less than a while back, but, more than nearer time frame, with no appreciable change.  But, let’s look at the brass tacks.  


Well, okay, that’s relative humidity.  What we’re looking for is specific humidity…..


And, just for completeness, here’s the air temps…..


A note of caution.  Technology and the way we view data from certain machinery changes over time.  On time series…

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