Ann Coulter Beat Me To It —– Note To Repubs!!! And Pay Attention!! And Focus!!!

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Coulter had an article today.

Basically it’s going to say what I’m saying except, I’ll apply a wider view.

Look, it is sad and sickening to see the wasteful spending the IRS has done.  However, this doesn’t really resonate.  The public is used to our government wasting our money.  And, it should be highlighted.  But, it doesn’t need to be the central theme of congressional hearings.  The Dems are more than happy to feign outrage on this issue because it’s a diversion.  And, don’t pretend for a second that the people don’t see the hypocrisy.  Nearly every member of congress has pet projects with wasteful spending involved.  Pointing at the IRS for engaging in the same behavior comes at a political expense.  But, much worse than that it distracts from the issues which are more pressing to the foundations of the Republic.  Stop doing that!!!!! 

We’ve got Benghazi, we’ve got…

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