Dems Think Teaching The Constitution Doesn’t Qualify For The Public Good

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Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Texas, along with fellow Dems, attacked the victims of the IRS targeting. 

Oddly, these Dems were objecting about the political nature of these groups.  Basically asserting that because some of the issues they discuss and act upon are political in nature and not in the public good that they deserved being targeted by the IRS.  One of these groups advocated nothing but educating our people about the US Constitution.  Congressman Doggett doesn’t believe it is in the US’s interest to have our people educated about the constitution. 

The Head of NOM took issue with that notion…..

As was pointed out, many groups, which are very political in nature enjoy tax exempt status. 

Rep. Aaron Schock was on hand to provide an antidote to McDermott’s poisonous comments. The Illinois Republican called out a certain nonprofit that goes by the name of Organizing for Action, also known online…

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