Droughts!!!! Oh The Horrors!!!! Inversely Getting Worse!!!!!

suyts space


Back before evil SUVS were roaming the pristine planet we almost never had droughts, except for the times that we did.  This was back when our CO2 levels were so low we didn’t measure them…… except when we did, but, those don’t count because… because well, shut up you evil denier!!! 

So, let’s look at how the US is devastated by these events caused by burning coal for electricity. 

Here’s a 12 month mean plot using the Palmer Modified Drought Index (PMDI)


Dunderheads!  Even if we exclude the dustbowl droughts of the 1930s and prior, we still get this……


Now, mind you this is an invented index which bears little resemblance of what people conjure when discussing “droughts”.  A different index which more closely aligns with how people typically think of droughts is the hydrological drought index.  Here’s the last 70 years. 


Mental midgets. 


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