Electric Power in Florida


Digging in the Clay

This little study got started several years ago because Florida Power & Light and its parent (Next Era Energy) were vigorously lobbying for rate increases and subsidies to support their craving for “Green Energy”. Was FP&L about to go “Green” with energy policies modeled on Spain, Germany, Denmark or the UK? If so Floridians, who already pay more for electricity than the US average might end up challenging Connecticut’s $0.17 /kWh. Two years ago I published a review of solar power in Florida based on the opinions of people who operate major power plants.

My goal was to find out how the electricity generating technologies applicable to Florida compare in terms of economic performance at the plant level, where the real wealth is created. The higher the operating margins, the more wealth is available to pay taxes, reward investors and pay employees. In a better world, high operating margins might…

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