Loony Luddite Thinks Driving A Car Is Like Smoking!!

suyts space


Oh, good heavens!  This is one of the most irrational arguments against using fossil fuels I’ve seen in a long while.

There’s a new study out!!!

Fossil fuel addiction and the implications for climate change policy


This paper applies a behavioral economics model of cigarette addiction to the issue of fossil fuel usage and climate change. Both problems involve consumption of a currently beneficial product that causes detrimental effects in the distant future and for which current reductions in usage induces an adjustment cost. The paper argues that because fossil fuel control requires solving an international public goods problem as well as an addiction-like problem, breaking it will be more challenging. Using insights from the model, it also suggests that fossil fuel addiction, like cigarette addiction, may generate a long period of time in which people express sincere desire to convert to clean energy, but accomplish little to achieve…

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