Oh-Oh!!! Guess What Else They Were Wrong About? CO2 Budget!!!

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You see, the nutters believed that the Amazon jungle was important because it sucked up a lot of our CO2 and then it just kept it or eventually sank to the bottom of the oceans.  So, without it, we’d all burn in a fiery CO2 induced hell! 

Let’s consider all of the lunatics proclamations about the earth’s CO2 budget and the atmospheric levels etc…. Turns out, there were wrong about how much was natural, how much was getting sequestered, and how much was anthropogenic. 

The Amazon rain forest, popularly known as the lungs of the planet, inhales carbon dioxide as it exudes oxygen. Plants use carbon dioxide from the air to grow parts that eventually fall to the ground to decompose or get washed away by the region’s plentiful rainfall.

University of Washington research showed a decade ago that rivers exhale huge amounts of carbon dioxide – though left…

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