It’s Too Late For That …… Someone Needs Fired 6 y/o Threaten With Detention/Suspension For Toy Lego Gun

Find the jackass responsible for such a reactions and get that person away from your children!!!

suyts space



Yes, that’s the gun in question.

As it stands now….

Crane says that she has spoken with the school’s principal and her son will not be facing discipline.

However, that’s probably because of the outrage people across this country would have when they see this madness.

PALMER, Mass. (WGGB) — A plastic Lego sized gun caused a disturbance on a Old Mill Pond Elementary School bus Friday morning.

Mieke Crane is the mother of the six-year-old kindergarten student who brought the gun on the bus. …..

Another student on the bus saw the toy and yelled to the driver.

“She said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized,” said Crane.

The school sent home a letter to parents of students who take the bus explaining what happened. It stressed no gun was on the bus and there was never any danger.

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