How It’s Suppose To Work! Citizens Show The Way!

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So much today is made of the constant impasses in legislatures.  They cry about gridlock.  The cry about they can’t do anything they want, they cry, whine, and moan.

But, that’s not the way it was suppose to work, anyway.  Whether it be a federal, state, or local level, we send people to the legislatures to be .  We don’t send them to be representatives of a party or of even an ideology.  We send them there to represent the wishes of their respective electorates. 

The people don’t want our legislature to act without the will of the people being known.  And, if they’re acting contrary to our will, then we’d rather them not act at all.  They should just sit there, be quiet, and listen for instructions from the people. That’s what a legislature is suppose to do. 

So, it tickles me when I see things such as…

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