Global Food Production Per Capita Continues To Rise!

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One of the biggest blathering talking points about climate change is the proclamations that it’s causing a decrease in the food yields world wide.  Of course this is utter nonsense and superstitious rot.  There are some who proclaim to uphold the tenets of science and babble this idiocy.  But, one of the things people do in science is to  

How does one proclaim to be a supporter and adhere to scientific methods is they refuse to look at the actual data?  Well, they can proclaim all they wish.  But, it is this most unscientific behavior which is embraced by the climate nutters.  When the data doesn’t support their idiocy, they refuse to look or even acknowledge the data.  We see this all the time.  Hurricanes, droughts, floods…… it doesn’t matter.  Food production is no exception to this.

A common meme is that climate change is causing people to…

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