Climate Reminder! MWP Doesn’t Count Because It Wasn’t Global!!

suyts space


Remember when the nutters told us that the Vikings navigating the arctic waters and farming in Greenland didn’t count because the MWP (Medieval Warm Period) wasn’t a global phenomenon?  Let’s see……


Click on the image to take you to the page to interact with the map and see the results of various studies demonstrating that the MWP was indeed, global. 

But, never mind that, this Current WP doesn’t appear to be as nearly as global as the MWP! 




It appears the MWP was more global than the CWP. 

My thanks to ScienceSkeptical blog for the map of the MWP studies.  For the people who read German, or people who can use the various translating tools, pop over, it’s an interesting read.  

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