Well, Schaeuble’s Right About One Thing …… Youth Now A Concern In Europe

What good is a young worker taught to despise individual merit, ownership, and the capitalist model? The employers don’t want these people! They are of no use.


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German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said a couple of things today, I thought interesting. 

While Germany insists on the importance of budget consolidation, Schaeuble spoke of the need to preserve Europe’s welfare model.

Schaeuble told a conference in Paris.

“We have to rescue an entire generation of young people who are scared. We have the best-educated generation and we are putting them on hold. This is not acceptable,” Italian Labour minister Enrico Giovannini said.

What I find interesting is that while it is true, our welfare systems are different, as far as youth employment, we’re getting the same results.  But, I think we’re seeing an unrecognized dynamic.  During an unemployment crisis, there are two groups who get the hardest hit; the older workers and the youth.  But, the educated youth had always been less harmed, until this round.  Why?  Because employers are now recognizing the abject lack of utility in…

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