Climate Reminder!!! Global Warming To Cause More And Stronger Hurricanes!!!!

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You see, as the world emits CO2 and all that energy gets emitted into the boiling vats of acid we used to call the oceans, we know that this provides more energy for hurricanes.  So, obviously, they’ll get much worse. 

Here is the last 30 years of man ravaging the climate with CO2 and mother nature exacting her revenge on us!



To read the graph, the bottom () line is the global major hurricanes in a 12 month running mean with linear trend.  The middle () line is the all of the hurricanes, major and minor, with liner trend.  Top line ( is the total global tropical storms added to the hurricanes with linear trend. 

To review, the major hurricanes have not increased in frequency.  The total amount of hurricanes have decreased, as well as the total number of tropical storms. 

What happens to a hypothesis…

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