A Good Reason For The Koch Bros To Buy The LA Times…. Columnist Defends and Lies For the IRS…..

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I really don’t understand why these imbeciles do this.  Do they think their reality avoidance fools anyone?

LA Times columnist, Michael Hiltzik, pens an entirely disingenuous article in defense of the indefensible. 

Really, that’s the title of the article.  It’s is typical leftist projection?  The IRS after prompting by leftist senators, and direction from who knows, undertook a witch hunt targeting not just TEA party groups, but also religious groups and pro-life groups.  But, leftist Hiltzik projects this upon the reaction of such.  Fantastically, he pens this…..

[W]hile Washington remains wrapped up in its witch-hunting cabaret about whether rank-and-file employees in the agency’s Cincinnati outpost selected — excuse me, “targeted” — conservative organizations for special scrutiny of their eligibility for preferential tax treatment simply because of their political leanings.

Thus far, Indeed, the IRS inspector general has found that groups whose names featured “tea party,” patriot,” or…

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