Gems on the Sword — Lies and Liars — May 26

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

Lies and Liars May 26

Scripture Selection: Psalm 144:11; Proverbs 26:23-25; I John 4:1-6

Food for Thought: I John 1:4

Some time ago we met a man on a missions trip who really “talked the talk” of a Spirit-filled believer. He was enthusiastic, charismatic, and spouted out scriptures for every subject. Though his past seemed shady, of which he appeared honestly repentant, there was a slight nudging in our spirits to be cautious around him, and to not get too close. Too much trust in anyone without seeing the fruit first (and that takes time!) can be dangerous.

Well, you guessed it. The guy turned out to be a scam. He spread lies, caused division, and even stole money from several brothers in Christ who really wanted to believe the best about him.

He’s since moved on, but it’s taken a while to…

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