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The left never takes a day off from beclowning themselves, even on Memorial Day.

Repub Senator, Chuck Grassley Tweets this…….

ChuckGrassley @ChuckGrassley

Rain canceled my speech at Aplington cemetery to honor fallen military If interested go to my Facebook to read it


So, what does the left do?  Assume Grassley doesn’t know how to spell Arlington.  Tries to mock Grassley and even starts a hashtag.   

Ben Jacobs @benhjacobs

Someone needs to go to Facebook and tell us if @ChuckGrassley‘s profile is as amazing as his Twitter …


Slade Sohmer @SladeHV

As @PeebsY0 just pointed out, r & p are nowhere near each other. ‘Aplington’ takes work! @ChuckGrassley@benhjacobs@BrettLoGiurato


Byron Tau @ByronTau

Odd @ChuckGrassley tweet saying that rain has canceled Arlington Memorial Day celebrations. It’s sunny & 65°… …


southpaw @

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