And Why Wouldn’t The BBC Give A Radical Maniac Airtime?

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Apparently, a few Brits are perplexed as to why the BBC would give a scumbag like Anjem Choudary some airtime.

Still, I see that some are delusional.

The faith and communities minister, Baroness Warsi, and the shadow defence secretary, Jim Murphy, have criticised the media for giving too much airtime to the radical cleric Anjem Choudary in the wake of the Woolwich attack.

Warsi, who is also a Foreign Office minister, said she felt “angry” about the airtime given to “one appalling man who represents nobody”.

She told Sky News on Thursday: “We all have a responsibility, including the media, not to give airtime to extremist voices – idiots and nutters who speak for no one but themselves.

“The heartening thing in the midst of all this tragedy is that the British Muslim community has, with a unified, unreserved voice, condemned the killing and pledged support for our armed…

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