NODC Provides 1st Quarter 2013 Ocean Heat Content Update & Alarmist Writes Science Fiction

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations

This morning I found two emails in my inbox about an alarmist blog post that claims Big Jump in Ocean Warming, in response to the NODC’s recent quarterly update of their Ocean Heat Content data. (Thanks, Anthony and Marc.) The alarmist blogger, David Appell, is a self-described freelance science journalist. Some might think he’s an author of science fiction after reading the opening to his post (my boldface):

Ocean heat content numbers are in for the first three months of 2013, and they show the 0-2000 meter layer increasing more than in any previous observed period

First we have to assume David Appell is discussing the ARGO-era data, because the NODC presents the ocean heat content data for 0-2000 meters prior to the ARGO era only in pentadal form—as a result, it shows no quarterly wiggles due to the smoothing. Once we agree on that, then David…

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