Arctic Meltdown Update!!!

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Hmm, the most ice in 9 years. 

Now, I should note that last year wasn’t too much less than it is this year for this time of year.  So, I wouldn’t read much into this as to how it relates to the minimum we’ll see in September. 

However, I would say that this year and the preceding years have pretty much quashed a couple of notions. 

First, an ideal many alarmists like to bandy about is that any “harm” to the Arctic is irreversible.  I would state that less ice is better, but, the nutters like to believe less ice is harmful.  Either way, we see the ice loss or gain isn’t in a permanent state, and that each year the arctic ice recovers quit nicely. 

Related to that is the notion that we’ll ever have a year round ice free arctic.  No, not anytime soon.  I’ll…

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