Washington Bridge Collapses — Nutters Immediately Blame Repubs!!!

suyts space


Good heavens!  More paranoid delusional ranting from the left!

Twitchy has a post up.  It’s fantastic.  As it turns out, climate nutters aren’t the only one living in a alternate reality.

Some Tweets, only a few, in that the profanity is a bit much.

[F**king] GOP…I hope you are proud of yourselves. People died under a bridge in Seattle because of YOU! #pathetic#GOPsucks#antiamerican

Fish (@badflounder) May 24, 2013

Uhmm, for the record, no one died in the bridge collapse.  Moar…….

Mike Murphy @sailvarmint

Another [f**kin’] bridge collapse Just remember which party fought the stimulus funds [GD] GOP assholes


BJS @bjs5555

INFRASTRUCTURE was thing PBO wanted 2 use Stimulus $$ on, have jobs at same time but did GOP go along with that, NO! Another BRIDGE collapse

LOL!!!  Hilarious.  Here in reality world, the nearly $trillion stimulus package did actually pass and it was…

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