Obsessed Paranoid Delusional Climate Nutters Consider Suidcide Pact!!! 400ppm To Much To Deal With!!! Mind Comes Unraveled!!!

At the very least, make welfare check on those children mentioned!!!

suyts space


Well, we all knew these maniacs’ grip on reality was very tenuous and are mentally unstable, but now, they’ve lost all ability to pretend.  Get these people some help!!! 

Uber warmista Franny Armstrong pens a post. 

Apparently she’s quite despondent over the CO2 milestone we’ve passed.  Apparently, the nutters think there’s something magical (black magical) about this number. 

Read this dystopian outlook!!

Which means that we are heading for an even worse scenario than the one we depicted in The Age of Stupid: Africa uninhabitable, continental Europe mostly desert, Australia’s agricultural system destroyed, hundreds of major cities underwater, hundreds of millions of people dead and many more on the move. Possibly within my lifetime (born 1972, hoping to live to 2062), but almost certainly within my daughter Eva’s (born 2012, hoping to live to 2102).

Now usually, I’d laugh at this.  Well, I can’t help but chuckle a bit.  But…

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