Broadly Speaking Nuccitelli Narrowly Defines Deniers!!!!

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I do love a good cat fight! 

I’m shamelessly swiping this from Anthony.  Nuccitielli and Richard Tol got in a Twitter cat fight tonight!  In my estimation they’re both warmists, but Tol took exception to how the Cook team …. Nuccitelli characterized his papers. 

It’s funny.  Nuccy is arguing with Tol about what Tol’s papers said.  Nuccy can’t accept that he was wrong, that his team was wrong, and let a person’s work stand on it’s own.  Kadaka provided the sequence.  I’ll bold some funny parts……

1. Richard Tol @RichardTol

The Cook paper comes further apart …

7:01 AM – 21 May 13

2. Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981

@RichardTol You might want to actually read our paper before claiming it’s ‘coming apart’ based on ignorant and wrong claims.

10:22 PM – 22 May 13

3. Richard Tol @RichardTol

.@dana1981 Don’t worry. I did read your paper. A silly idea…

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