LOL!!! The Precipitous Decline In Our North Polar Ice Cap!!!

suyts space


Well, instead of tracking our global sea ice increase, I thought it would be fun to check the numbers of our NH Sea Ice Extent. 

Much is written and will again be written this year about how the northern hemisphere ice has been all but destroyed and that we’re head to an ice free north pole.  The new normal and all of that. 

Here we see the historic ravaging of our north pole……. poor, poor poley bears. 



What’s that?  You mean there’s evidence that the polar bear thrives better with less ice?  Oh, who knew?  Okay, well forget that. 

It’s really hard to get too excited about that gentle slope, but still it does seem to be declining.  And before anyone asks, the reason why I put the start time at 1988 is because the daily records prior to 1988 were not daily and it squirrels up the graph. …

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