Some One Is Crawling On Me….. Was It Something I Said?

suyts space



No, I won’t give the actual numbers.  But….

Heh, ticklish.  The graph above shows my last 5 days.  Typical readers would know the last few days have been uncharacteristically slow.  The bar on the left is a typical day/night.  the bar on the right?  Not a chance. 

The dark blue is the individuals for the day.   The light blue is the ‘hits’.  Typically, I’ll have about 4 times the ‘hits’ as I do visits.  The bar on the right would tell me there have been people who have popped by but didn’t refresh or come back.  And, no, spam doesn’t seem to count. 

So, what is this?  I get a list of referrals every day.  “Referrals” would be people who linked to me and the amount of people who came here from the link.  And, no, that didn’t happen very much today. 

To review.  It isn’t spam. It isn’t…

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