Sign Says It All ….. Scumbags Are Trying To Slide Through The Amnesty Bill!!!

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A distracted nation is ripe for the all to frequent back-door deals and typical shenanigans of our politicians.  We have a government embroiled in scandal and controversy.  We’ve people who have suffered unimaginable loss. 

So, now is the time the people supporting an amnesty bill want to shove it through congress.  Because they fear open debate.  They fear the light of truth.  They fear the people. 

The fact is, Mexico is a failed country.  It’s a failed society.  Their murders and kidnappings and drug running is so common place the police and even their army is giving up fighting the fight.  Their wages are depressed and their social security blanket is almost non-existent.  This is why many Mexicans wish to come to the US. 

But, we don’t have the resources to handle all of them.  Worse, by having such a porous border, we’re importing this very same failed society.  We…

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